4 Tips to Grow Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair

Natural Hair Maintenance
January 3, 2017
Natural Hair Maintenance
January 3, 2017
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4 Tips to Grow Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair

Love your hair again!

You have probably said this before, or you have heard a friend say this about their hair:

It feels like my hair never grows.” “My hair grows soooo slowly!” “Every time my hair gets to a certain length, it breaks off.” “It’s too thin; I can never wear my hair down.”

Do any of these complaints and hair-dramas sound familiar? If so, you are not alone. I have been a salon owner for over 10 years and in the haircare industry for even longer. As a haircare specialist, I have encountered many women (natural and relaxed) who share the same frustration about the struggle to grow longer, stronger, fuller hair.

There are a number of factors that could be affecting your hair’s growth:

  • Hereditary and genetic traits.
  • Certain medications you may be taking.
  • Chemical and heat damage from over processing.
  • Extreme and/or frequent weather changes.

Set your mind at ease – there are some tips and tricks you can implement at home and talk to your stylist about during your next salon visit. These tips will help improve your hair’s health so that you can start growing those long, healthy strands you’ve so patiently waiting for. Of course, you cannot control how the weather or how some hereditary traits affect your hair, but some of these tips will help combat those factors that are beyond your control.

Let’s get started!                  

1.  Choose a Shampoo and Conditioner Wisely!

Not all shampoos and conditioners are alike, and not all hair-types respond the same to certain well-known, name-brand products. If you’re experiencing a great deal of breakage, split ends and hair that feels brittle and dry to the touch, you need to switch to a shampoo that not only cleanses, but also infuses moisture into your hair and scalp. You may also want to consider sulfate-free shampoos, which will provide a gentle cleanse that helps retain your hair’s natural moisture.

In addition, a good, complementary conditioner is key to combatting brittle ends and a dry scalp. While shampoos remove built up dirt and oils, conditioners replenish and lock in moisture and nutrients your hair needs to keep it strong and able to block out some of the daily pollutants floating in our air. Not to mention, conditioners give our hair that added shine and softness we all want to enjoy. Lastly, find a good leave in conditioner that can work for you all week long in between your routine washes.

Quick note: Ask your stylist to recommend some haircare products that have made an amazing difference in their client’s hair.

2.  Less is More When It Comes to Heat.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all could wake up like Beyoncé and say “I woke up like this”? Well, that’s just not a reality for the vast majority of us.  I would love for my hair to look like I just stepped out of the salon every single morning. However, (as if it has a mind of its own) sometimes our hair just does exactly what it wants to do.  When this happens, our first instinct is to grab our flat iron, curlers or blow dryer to lay our hair back into place.

However, excessive heat is one of the primary causes of thinning, dry, damaged hair. This is especially true if you are applying heat frequently to colored or chemically processed hair. I highly recommend that you reduce the amount of heat you’re applying to your hair. If you blow dry daily, try adjusting your nob settings to no more than medium heat. Whether blow drying or flat ironing, use a heat-protectant serum that effectively coats the surface of your hair to prevent further damage and breakage.

Also, while I love a fresh, trendy updo or the latest hairstyle, the reality is that they typically require a lot of after-care to maintain that “slay-ready” look. I recommend that you periodically give your hair a break from these high-maintenance styles. Keep your “everyday” hairstyle simple. Usually, the simpler the hairstyle, the less heat you’ll need to use to maintain it.

3.  Handle Your Hair with Care when it’s Wet.

When watching television shows or commercials where there’s a shower scene, we typically see the girl who steps out of the shower with glistening wet hair, grabs a towel, and then begins quickly and vigorously scrubbing her hair with the towel. No, no, no – don’t dry your hair like this in real life! Your hair is most fragile and sensitive when it’s wet, so treat it with care. When we rub our hair vigorously with a towel, our strands can easily get caught in the towels fiber’s and break off as we rub the towel through our hair.

A better method is to either blot your hair with the towel or simply wrap the towel around your hair for 3 – 5 minutes to allow the towel to absorb some of the water. You should apply this same method whether you’re jumping out of the pool, drenched from a workout, or you simply get caught in the rain.

Also, pay close attention to how your hair responds to weather changes, especially precipitation in the atmosphere. Your hair is more prone to breakage when there is moisture in the air. We’re also more tempted to apply additional heat to our hair when humidity causes it to fall or curl up. Respond to those weather conditioners by using the right protective styling products or covering your hair with a protective style during those rainy seasons. Also, this goes without saying – don’t forget to pack your umbrella.

4.  Consider a ProScope Exam.

Often, people either ignore or simply don’t understand the science of hair. Prior to owning my salon, I worked in the medical field as a Registered Medical Assistant for eight years. I worked directly with the head physician who focused on physical disorders and preventative care. During this time, I made the connection between physical conditions and hair loss. I took this knowledge with me into the haircare field.

Now, I offer ProScope Exams that serve as scalp screenings to evaluate the health of the scalp and conditions that may be causing hair loss and affecting the health and replenishing abilities of the hair follicles, shaft, scales and ends. These exams are ideal for people experiencing reoccurring hair breakage or hair loss. Talk to your stylist about a ProScope Exam. If they don’t offer this type of screening, we’d be happy to provide this screening for you to assess your concerns and offer the best options to regrow your hair.

Love Your Hair Again: These 4 tips are just a few of many ways you can improve your haircare techniques and start LOVING your hair again. When in doubt, ask a professional you trust. At Focused On You Hair Salon, our haircare experts would love to help you nurture and rediscover your happy hair.

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